The range of sandwich panels, polycarbonate sheets, alcopans offered by our company is distinguished by its high quality and durability. We fully guarantee the quality of the products we sell.

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Container and prefabricated houses

Containers have different purposes.
Containers have different purposes. To meet the constantly growing demand for containers, our company offers a wide range of containers manufactured according to the specific needs of our customers. Our factory with a production capacity of more than 300 units per month offers high-quality containers, adaptable in shape and size, which makes our products universal and reliable. The containers we manufacture and offer to you can be used as:

  • Bedroom
  • House
  • Office
  • Cold and dry warehouse
  • Production site
  • Drying room
  • WC
  • Hotel, etc.

Our factory has a production capacity that allows for manufacturing containers that meet any special requirements for shape and size, as well as accurately implementing complex projects.

Technical parameters of Container and prefabricated houses:

Tourist containers

Tourist containers are self-contained and mobile living units providing ideal, comfortable living conditions to acquire grandiose tourist experiences. These containers are generally known for their additional qualities, comfortable equipment, and functions.

Technical parameters of Tourist containers:

Drying and refrigerated containers

Drying and refrigerated containers are mobile industrial structures offering ideal solutions for production and logistics in the food and agriculture sectors. These containers offer efficient and practical solutions for storing and transporting products in dry and cold conditions. They are equipped with efficient systems that ensure the storage of the products in them according to temperature requirements. This prevents mixing and spoilage.

The containers are equipped with systems controlling atmospheric pressure, humidity, and other parameters.

Technical parameters of Drying and refrigerated containers:

Modular houses

Modular houses are made mainly from prefabricated and modular systems using modern technologies. Modular houses are becoming increasingly popular, replacing conventional ones. These houses are durable and strong and have a more affordable price. Their advantages are quick installation, special equipment, and prefabricated modules.

Technical parameters of Modular houses:

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